Wheel Refurbishment


Essex Wheel Company Ltd can refurbish your wheels in a different colour – we have a large selection of standard colours to choose from.  Or we can refurbish to a colour of your specification if you can provide us with the relevant paint code.


Diamond cut alloys have a different appearance to more conventional powder coated alloy wheels.  They will be a metallic silver across the face of the wheel and have a different colour on the rest of the wheel.


Split Rims are wheels which can be separated into 2 or 3 parts.  They are easy to identify as they will have a ring of bolts between the spokes that hold the separate pieces together. 

There are also some wheels that just have the bolt heads as decoration – to give the appearance of being a 2 or 3 piece wheel, but they are actually a single piece wheel – we call these “fake splits”.

Wheel Repairs

Cracked alloy wheels can usually be repaired. We will only repair a cracked wheel if we believe it is safe to do so.  If your wheel is beyond repair, we will let you know after we assess it.   We only offer a 1 week warranty on crack repairs as we have no control over the condition of the roads or your style of driving.

Bent alloy wheels can also usually be repaired.   

Again, we will only repair a bent wheel if we believe it is safe to do so.  If your wheel is beyond repair we will let you know when we assess it.